WeldPack® – Energy Savings in Crude Oil Refineries

Up to 50% of a refinery's operating budget is tied up in energy costs and almost 40% of those costs are taken on the two distillations (ADU and VDU). Energy efficiency is a top priority, and one way to increase it is by recovering and optimizing the use of energy.

Heat recovery efficiency can be increased by up to 50% by simply switching from Shell & Tubes to Welded Heat Exchangers, known as "technology conversion" technique. The payback period for replacing S&T with Welded Heat Exchangers are normally short, often less than 6 to 10 months.

Additionally, reduced fuel consumption also leads to lower emissions of CO2, NOx and SOx. If the Refinery operates under a cap-and-trade system, this will contribute to cut the costs even further. A 150,000 bpd Refinery can easily cut CO2 emissions by 50,000 tons per year by improving the heat recovery efficiency in the crude pre-heat train of an ADU. This will help our customers save approximately $1,000,000.

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